All for the love of baking

From Bakewells to Battenberg, Apple Pies to Mince Pies, petite French Fancies to larger-than-life Treacle Tarts – Mr Kipling has been mixing, baking and perfecting his exceedingly scrumptious cakes since 1967.

And, lucky for him, all that creativity, use of fine ingredients, and attention to detail hasn’t gone unnoticed. He’s as proud as punch to be Britain’s best-loved cake brand.

So, as time ticks on and he grows a little older and wiser, Mr Kipling will carry on baking your favourites. And surprising and delighting you with exciting new flavours and creations.

Our famous French Fancies

Oh la la. From delicious Cocktail inspired fancy cakes, to mini red, white and blue Great British Fancies for the Queen’s Jubilee in 2012 – Mr Kipling has tried all sorts with his French Fancies.

He’s even given them a spooky or festive twist to match the seasons, with his Fiendish Fancies for Halloween and Frosty Fancies for Christmas.

Perfectly packed

Mr Kipling’s Snack Packs are individually wrapped to keep the slices deliciously fresh – just snap apart, peel open and nibble the delicate sponge. They’re ideal for a bite on the bus, in the park, or even at the zoo!

Take your pick from a handy 4-pack or a larger 9-pack to suit the size of your family.

The very best ingredients

A little eggs-planation

While it’s true you can’t bake a cake without breaking a few eggs, Mr Kipling only ever uses ones from barn hens that can roam, scratch and spread their wings. And because he cares about animal welfare, we are committed to the promise we made to Compassion in World Farming in 2012: to only use cage-free eggs in our cakes.

Crisp apples from UK orchards

Mr Kipling’s Bramley Apple Pies are the UK’s favourite. But don’t just take his word for it – they’ve won a Brammy Award for their deliciousness. And it’s all because they’re made with scrummy Bramley apples, fresh from exceedingly good orchards in Kent, Cambridgeshire and Northern Ireland.

British flour power

For the best and fluffiest cakes, Mr Kipling needs an extra special type and quality of wheat, which he gets mainly from farms in the UK (the South East, Midlands, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire). Why? Because only the best flour is good enough for our exceedingly good cakes.

A world of flavour

So many wonderful flavours come from nature. Which is why, wherever possible, Mr Kipling uses these natural flavours in his recipes. That said, many of his cakes contain no added colours whatsoever and, when he needs to use colourings, he uses natural ones, where possible. They’re what make his icing a lemony yellow or sponge a soft pink.

Five decades of exceedingly good

Mr Kipling is still the UK’s favourite cake maker. Open almost any cupboard door across the country and you’re bound to find one of our Battenberg cakes, Cherry Bakewells, French Fancies, Angel Slices or Bramley Apple Pies.

Because, even after five decades, one thing that hasn’t changed is that his cakes are not just good. They’re exceedingly good!